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Here’s how you can pitch in:

Intrepid testers:

Get involved

In the alpha, we need your feedback and frank discussion around the current focus area. This is a collaborative process, so trolls and otherwise toxic players will have their alpha access revoked.

Remain patient with us

You outnumber us by quite a bit, so not every bug report or board post will immediately translate to changes, features, or fixes.

Give feedback

While you’re exploring the updated client, we’ll occasionally hit you with surveys about your experience with the alpha. You’ll want to focus your feedback and bug hunting on recently updated parts of the client, and you can always find out what those are in the latest updates page.

Report bugs

Bugs face a swifter squashing when the testing community sends us reports. Raise the alarm on a bug through the appropriate buttons on the client’s home screen and friends list. If the alpha client crashes, please report it over on the alpha boards.

Share your experience

There’s no embargo on the work-in-progress client or your experiences with it. Feel free to stream, share screenshots, and openly discuss the alpha with non-testers.

  • EligibilityAll level 30 players from SEA servers
  • PeriodStarts from April 28, 2016 02:00 AM
  • Closed Alpha TestingTBA by riot and Garena
  • How to joinSign up through LoL Client Update Alpha Page
  • ProcessGarena will randomly pick testers from all eligible players who complete signups for client update alpha after enrollment period. Selected players will be able to launch League of Legends through enhanced client. The drawing results will be only sent to selected players through their registered e-mail on the same day as we publish the updated client.
Policy & Guidelines
  1. Corresponding server and e-mail address must be entered correctly. Incorrect information might cause potential miscommunication and disqualification during selection process. Make sure all related information are properly provided.
  2. Garena ID must be verified through e-mail verification in order to create account for Alpha signups
  3. Computer models, operating systems, and other related hardware information must be provided correctly in order for us to collect relevant feedback from all testing channels.
  4. We will notify selected players regarding the results for Alpha signups through Garena+ and e-mail. Registered accounts will automatically be activated once the players are selected.
  5. The total number of slots open for global client alpha will be determined by Riot. We can’t guarantee all applicants will be included in the testing.
  6. Once the selected players receive e-mail notification, their accounts will be activated. Players will be able to launch league of legends from Garena+ game menu
  7. Limited Game Modes are available on the Alpha Client. Please wait for further announcement when other game modes will be launched.
  8. Any related issues or problems regarding disconnection, error messages, or broken textures can be reported in lobby and league of legends official forum.
  9. Only registered applicants can use their own participating accounts for alpha testing. Any violation for activities regarding buying, selling, or accounts sharing will result in immediate disqualification from Alpha testing.
  10. Please check out our official website for the latest news udpates and events.
  11. We reserve the rights to cancel or postpone events due to inevitable causes.
  12. Garena Taiwan Co. Ltd. reserves the rights to make any changes to above policy and terms, inlcluding the cancellation of all events.
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