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Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed

When we kicked off the client update alpha earlier this year, all we had was ARAM, blind pick, and a firm belief that players, as voluntary testers, could make the client better. We were right.

Throughout the alpha, our testers tanked some pretty crazy bugs for us.  At one point, the client could actually install a patch while you were in the middle of champ select. On Mac, there was a bug that allowed you to drag the client right off the screen, and never get it back. Being an alpha tester is like walking around in an active construction zone. You need a hard hat.

But our testers have persisted. In a span of six months, we received over 150,000 feedback submissions (in 22 languages!) from players around the world. In turn, we've fixed bugs and tweaked our designs to address testers' concerns.

Player feedback was at the core of all our discussions—we got pretty good at understanding each other about the things we have to prioritize now (like making all the AIR client's features work in the updated client) and the much-requested things we have to look into later (like a separate page in the client where you could view all your owned skins).

Now we're finally ready for the next phase: open beta. In preparation, we’ve turned off alpha signups and granted access to *everyone* who has already signed up. For anyone who hasn't applied, you'll still have a chance to try out the client very soon, when we kick off the open beta.