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Alpha client patch .12 changelog

Another patch, another changelog. But this isn't just any old changelog, With the end of alpha looming near and open beta approaching, this'll probably be the last changelog of the alpha.

As always, be sure to take surveys as they pop up and submit feedback and bug reports using the buttons on the client's alpha homepage. The alpha discussion board is the happening place for alpha testers.

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NEW RIP your RPYou can once again purchase RP.


Buttoned up. End of game screen now has the appropriate "Quit" and "Play Again" buttons
Victory and failure quantified. End of Game stats displays all data as intended, beneath the dropdowns


Switcheroo. We’re changing our long standing Heimerdinger alpha splash with two different splashes to test a technology that will allow us to change login screen assets without requiring a patch to be downloaded by players.
You got loot... yesterday. Logging in will show you any previously unseen notifications for things you've earned like Key Fragments, Chests, Rank-ups, etc.
At least you know why. There's now a status tracker that'll show you what's happening when your login is slow


The Friends That Almost Weren't. Fixed a flickering issue with friends in the suggested panel
Shut down. The client should no longer crash when you cancel the login queue
NO S WTF. Champion mastery grade notifications now show up in end-of-game chat


Here’s a list of the biggest issues and bugs we know about in this patch. There's no need to submit a bug report if you run into these:


  • When transitioning to a Normal Draft from finishing a Ranked Draft game, players may see the wrong screen instead of the role selection screen.
  • After banning and locking your champ, the background music stops playing.
  • Error message appears if the ban/lock button is clicked repeatedly.


  • Mastery levels five and six still shows the mastery experience bar despite it always being full
  • Icons may disappear when dragging the client window.


  • The tooltip that shows Highest Grade and Chests earned is missing
  • On the champion details page, players are unable to see the second QWE abilities of champions with multiple forms


  • Long club names may sometimes appear incorrectly.
  • When players shift places in the club member list, their icon doesn't move with them
  • An invite that was sent from a club that has been disbanded will persist even after being accepted or declined.
  • “Help” feature of Clubs is not implemented yet.
  • Funky text appears when promoting or demoting a member.
  • Occasionally club chats will refuse to close within the chat window.


  • Players with lower-end machines may experience more than acceptable performance issues on draft pick. We're still working on this!
  • Patcher scanning may take longer than intended on lower-end machines
  • Various champion splash art isn't centered when viewing the champion mastery portrait in the end-of-game screen
  • Players are not able to initiate a full repair until after they log in
  • The client becomes non-responsive if the save prompt for the rune page is still on screen during an AFK detect, or after players are invited to a lobby while editing a Rune page