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Alpha client patch .09 changelog
Alpha patch .09 is a big one. At some point during the patch, we're going to finally turn on ranked SR. This feels pretty scary for us.

See, the alpha's ranked queue will be connected to the same live servers that everyone in the legacy client is using. That means that potential LP gains or losses are riding on us having eliminated any client-crashing bugs you (our beloved testers) found while testing draft pick normals. Thus, we're gonna keep a close eye on ranked -- we want to be extra sensitive to ensure a great experience for testers. A client-crashing bug here could very easily force us to temporarily shut off the alpha, so heads up.

While you're climbing to challenger, surveys are gonna pop up. Take them! For bonus LP, submit feedback and bug reports using the buttons on the client's alpha homepage (this won't actually grant you LP). The alpha discussion board is also always around if you wanna hang with your fellow testers and the client dev team.

Still haven't signed up for the alpha? Time's a-wastin'.



There's some solid bug fixes shipping out with this patch, but the best change is the introduction of friend finder features. Also, clubs. And bigger words!

NEWSocial Panel 2.0: The SocialingWe added a ton of expected features that make finding friends easier, including recommended friends, social network connectivity, and a recently-played-with list
It's not me, it's youBefore, when you unfriended someone, they could still chat with you if they had an existing conversation with you. We fixed it!
The Great Font BiggeningThe social panel's text size was pretty small -- too small, in fact. We've pumped some air into the font to make everything a little more readable.
Not this game, NOT ANY GAMEYou could sometimes break the social panel by declining a game invite. It's fixed now!
NEWLike the weather man, but for queue times, and not a manEstimated queue time has been added to the social panel (only when you're queueing, obviously).
Together AgainFixed bug preventing LCU and Legacy players from seeing each other's messages in the party


Behold! Ranked.

NEWClimb TimeThe draft pick ranked queue will ship during this patch
The Prodigal Player ReturnsWe fixed a bug that was preventing players from re-joining games they'd exited
Activate GeometryWe fixed a bug causing loot boxes on the End-of-Game screen to appear off-centered


Here's a list of the biggest issues and bugs we know about in this patch. (It's also a list of fun ways you can intentionally cause your stuff to crash.) There's no need to submit a bug report if you run into these:


Players are sometimes unable to trade, unless their teammates initiate a trade with them first 
- Players are still able to trade with each other after they've both previously declined trades with each other. 
- Some chromas are wacky. For example: the red Nemesis Jax Sand chroma loads into game as the yellow chroma, and vice versa. 
- ARAM only: The trade window persists after the timer runs out when a Legacy player initiates a trade with an LCU player 
- Party captains might not see people appear correctly on the party banners after being invited by party members with invite privileges 
- The Champion Detail page remains open after entering Champ Select


Runes pages may fail to appear correctly, preventing players from removing assigned runes from slots. Rune slots that are empty also can fail to display properly in this case, but players can still assign Runes to them. - This is a nasty bug that we're giving priority to fix in the next few days. 
- Mastery levels five and six still shows the mastery experience bar despite it always being full 
- Mastery points and icons are not updating correctly after adding/removing points quickly 
- Champion, Masteries, Match History and Runes content begin appearing before being fully populated 
- Several summoner spells show incorrect cooldown times


The client crashes if players constantly open and close the champion detail page 
- The champion detail page remains open after entering champ select 
- On the champion details page, players are unable to see the second QWE abilities of champions with multiple forms 
- On the champion details page, ability videos stutter when on a slower internet connection


Players are unable to resend friend requests using the recently played section of the "Add Friends" modal 
- Game invites don't update when ownership of a lobby is transferred 
- Turning off "Hide Offline" will not persist if you log out and back into an account with a large friend list 
- There is no summoner icon present for pending friend requests in the invite manager


Opening the "Pending Friend Request" window will cause it to flash when opened for the first time


Players with lower-end machines may experience more than acceptable performance issues on draft pick. We apologize and we're working on addressing this issue in the next few patches. 
- Alpha players can receive gifts from those using the legacy client but there won't be any notification. 
- Patch size is bigger than displayed on the patcher 
- Client gets all kinds of busted if the player disconnects from the internet during the AFK Detect pop up 
- Various champion splash art isn't centered when viewing the champion mastery portrait in the end-of-game screen 
- The client becomes non-responsive if the save prompt for the rune page is still on screen during an AFK detect, or after players are invited to a lobby while editing a Rune page 
- Chat responsiveness will slow down when players continue to enter and leave queue multiple times 
- Player B receives a "Game No Longer Exists" message when accepting Player A's invitation, if Player B has a Leaver Buster and has been previously kicked from Player A's Lobby 
- You'll be unable to see people in party for 5v5 blind pick after giving people invite privileges 
- The Summoner Icon Picker has a delay before it shows any icons 
- Changing maps will not always register for the user on the first click 
- The client will become unresponsive if the player enters queue, opens client options, doesn't accept match and then closes client options. Tbh I don't know how we even found that one 
- Not all options will be saved in the settings panel after you log out


Login music will start to play when the player has been disconnected from the Internet 
- Suppressing all notification popups does not actually block notifications 
- Pending game invites will display "please wait" briefly and repeatedly, until you want to gouge your eyes out 
- The runes page search bar does not have a character limit. We haven't yet tried posting in the entire text of "Moby Dick," but you definitely should 
- Dragging mastery pages off the dropdown list will cause them to appear permanently dragged 
- Occasionally accepting a game invite in the AIR client from the LCU client will cause the invitee's name to display as "Sum132"