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Prepare to Test: Loot, Clubs, and Ranked

Whaddup, alpha testers! 

We've got a pretty chunky update for you today. Things are starting to move very quickly in alphaland (a magical place where alphas are made and everyone wears tank tops). Over the next couple of patches, a load of crucial features will start appearing in the live alpha. 

For now, alpha testers should see ranked information on their profiles, including stuff like emblems and borders. We've also turned on access to ranked leaderboards, Co-Op Vs. A.I. mode, and gifting.

Ranked queues themselves are also coming, but they're still a little work-in-progress. About a week ago we had to turn the alpha off over the weekend due to a pretty serious bug—exactly the sort of critical issue we need alpha testers to find. When we feel pretty confident that our ranked queue won't put your LP at risk, we'll turn it on and monitor closely. That may be just a couple of days after we ship the 6.18 patch, but things could change.

Looking forward, we're preparing to launch a few key features, including Clubs, Loot, and the ability to purchase RP in the store. The latter two things work essentially just like they do in the legacy client, but we've rethought Clubs for the client update. Instead of incessantly popping up from the bottom of your screen, they're safely tucked away into their own subnav menu under the client's Social tab. All your club management tools are found there.

We’re also reworking the client home screen, giving it a newer look. While we’re not yet ready to make it the default home screen, we’ll continue working on it during the next few patches until it replaces the alpha home screen.

Oh, and soon we'll ship a long-requested feature that's exclusive to the client update: you'll finally be able to change your in-game settings from the client itself.

We've recently opened up the alpha to hundreds of thousands of new testers, but it's not too late to sign up if you haven't already. We still need your help!