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This week we're pushing out some essential client features to testers—stuff like runes and masteries. You'll access these familiar features using the new Collection section and reworked Profiles. Y'all are smart enough to grok this stuff just by fiddling with it, but we want to talk you through what we're adding in this release.
Welcome to our second changelog for the League client update alpha, and an early peek at the upcoming profile section.
We're cracking open the door to the League client update alpha and letting in the first few testers.
Welcome to the League client update alpha, and our first changelog.
We're now ready to open up the Summoner's Rift (blind 5v5) and ARAM Play Loops as the alpha’s first current focus area.
The client update lets us adopt powerful new underlying tech and re-engineer the process of getting into a game, but it's also an opportunity to rethink and upgrade the client's style using a magical contraption we call hextech. Big changes are in store, so today we want to talk about the thinking behind the new visual style.